Purveyor of the Paranormal, Master of Murder and Mayhem

Reviews: Moonspell

What an awesome read! I sat down to read just a few chapters and read it all the way through in one night. I thought for sure I knew who the murderer was but I was totally surprised. It was full of twists and unexpected turns. I loved the characters. I can’t believe this is the author’s first book. Can’t wait to read the next books in the series.  – Verified Amazon Customer

Harrington easily describes her characters and the overall feel and flow makes for a steady to fast read. Her descriptions of characters and surroundings are so good that they almost garner a five star review. In so many ways this book truly should be in the Horror category. Harrington’s imagination clearly comes out in the narrative. I give a four star rating for this book. – Mary Schmidt

I thoroughly enjoyed Moonspell. A well written book with an interesting story to tell. Kept me guessing until the surprise twist at the end!
— Verified Amazon Customer

At first, I thought this was just another YA book…boy, was I wrong. Well written, but more importantly, well imagined. Nicely done!

— Eric, Amazon Customer

I give the book a 5 star rating for being a teen/young adult book. I have read many books over the years with having a teen interested in fantasy fiction books. The writing by the author was captivating to see what happens next. Looking forward to the second book of the series. — Verified Amazon Customer

The author did a very good job of putting together and completing a story that kept me captured till the end, it didn’t take me over 2 days to read this. I am looking forward to the second installment of this series. — Verified Amazon Customer